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Comprar setas Liberty Caps en línea

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Buy liberty caps online

Liberty Caps is a psychedelic shroom that contains the psychoactive and

psilocybin compounds.

Varies in shape from sharply conical to bell-shaped.

When the cap is dry, it becomes much paler, a light yellow-brown color. It’s also called magic mushies.

Liberty caps is a magic mushroom with long potency and tripping effects – magic mushrooms for sale

Buy Liberty Caps – Learn How to dry Liberty caps – how to find liberty caps – Buy magic mushroom


The magic mushroom species known as Psilocybe semilanceata, commonly called liberty caps, contains the hallucinogens psilocybin and psilocin.

They are the most well-known, powerful, and widely accessible magic mushrooms in the world. Learn where to get liberty caps, how to dry them, and where to buy magic mushrooms.

Liberty Caps, Blue Leg, Meditationspilz, Magic Mushrooms, Narrenschwamm, Paddlestool, Pixie Caps, Psilo, Schwammerl, Shrooms, Witch Cap, and Zwergenhut are a few of the common names for Psilocybe semilanceata.

The best spot to buy magic mushrooms is during the liberty cap excursion, where you can also buy liberty caps.


You should take the Liberty caps on an empty stomach for the best results.

The magic mushrooms can be chewed and then swallowed.

The body absorbs psychoactive chemicals more effectively the longer you chew. Sadly, the flavour is not very good. Purchase magic mushrooms – Where to get liberty caps?

For this reason, making mushroom tea is an option as well. Purchase Liberty Caps in the UK

They should be divided into small pieces and steeped in boiling water.

The psilocybin will be destroyed if the water boils, thus this must be avoided. To allow the tea to steep as gently as possible, you may place the teapot on a hot plate.

Consume the tea along with the magic mushroom fragments.

The water-based psilocybin in mushroom tea can be changed into psilocin by adding enough lemon juice. Buy Liberty Caps in the UK

As was already said, psilocin is what causes the psychedelic effect.

Therefore, lemon juice guarantees a quicker start to your journey.

You will also have fewer stomach aches as a bonus. Purchase magic mushrooms and liberty caps.

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