Pink Kenzo Tiger 230mg MDMA


Pink Kenzo Tiger 230mg MDMA

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Buy Pink Kenzo Tiger 230mg MDMA

We sell Pink Kenzo Tiger 230mg MDMA+ XTC PILL (Pure Uncut Dutch MDMA) and other XTC PILL (Pure Dutch MDMA) in retail and wholesale.We do provide Kenzo Tiger 230mg+ XTC PILLS (Pure Uncut Dutch MDMA) of the highest calibre.Premium quality, really clean, solidly pressed, free of crumbles, etc. Your brain responds to our Pink Kenzo Tiger 230mg+ XTC Pills and releases a fantastic and pleasant feeling; you’ll feel high and buzzed after taking them, which is great for going to the club and parties! It’s the perfect sensation for somebody with a lot of energy. MDMA Pink Kenzo Tiger 230mg

Pink Kenzo Tiger 230mg+ XTC PILL (Pure Dutch MDMA) 100 pills; product

★ MDMA quality grade; 230mg

★ colour; pink

★ 230mg+ Pure Uncut MDMA per pill

★ ORIGIN: XTC labs in the Netherlands

★ PRINT: Kenzo Tiger

★ PRESS: 1st ultra solid pressed, etc.


★ According to NETTO Lab testing

all Kenzo Tiger brand XTC pills contain 230mg+ of pure, uncut Dutch MDMA.

With each and every pill we sell, 100% Satisfaction is Guaranteed and manufactured in secret Dutch Laboratories to the highest standards.

★ EFFECTS: When you take XTC, your brain reacts to it and produces a positive, happy feeling. You’ll feel high and buzzed afterward, which is perfect for going to clubs and parties!

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